The Hyppo Gourmet Ice Pops

We strive to provide authentic and uncommon culinary experiences. We craft foods with integrity and serve them up with our one-of-a-kind blend of welcome and whimsy. We enjoy making our foods, and we hope you find them delightful. The Hyppo makes delightful all-natural ice pops from everything under the sun, and over 450 flavors later, we’re still going! All of our Gourmet Ice Pops are:

All Natural (With No Preservatives or Colors), All Ingredients are non-GMO, All of our Dairy is rBST Free.

OK! They’ve got the Hyppo Café across from Cobblestone Plaza (1765 Tree Blvd #5 (904) 342-7816)), PLUS 48 Charlotte Street (904) 217-7853 AND 70 Saint George Street (90 4) 547-2980, there is the Hyppo Jacksonville (90 Riverside Ave STE 605 (904) 551-0361)), AND Hyppo Downtown Gainesville (214 SE 2nd Ave (352) 727-4233)) PLUS Archer Hyppo Gainesville (3232 SW 35th Blvd. (352) 240-6266) PLUS Midtown Hyppo Gainesville (16 NW 18th Street Unit 120 AND Hyppo St Pete (627 Central Ave)

WOW! And all this from a discussion with a stranger on an airline flight back home to Saint AugustinE?

An excerpt from their website:

In the early months of 2010 Stephen DiMare was working in Montana for a winter at the Lodge at Big Sky and flew home to St. Augustine for a friend’s wedding. On the flight he pitched his idea for a coffee shop to the (random) nice woman sitting next to him. She told him that what he needed in his coffee shop were ice pops, gourmet ice pops in the Mexican style. Stephen listened as she explained that paletas (Spanish for ice pops) could contain anything from cucumbers to fresh pineapple to jalapeños.

With his interest piqued, Stephen returned to Montana to finish the winter ski season. He bought a set of cheap plastic ice pop molds and spent his evenings trying different combinations of flavors (as there is nothing to do in Montana after dark) and let the guests at the hotel try them and give feedback. When he came back to St. Augustine in April he had enough money saved to buy some semi-industrial ice pop molds and pay first and last months’ rent on a little retail space in downtown St. Augustine.

And the rest is history!


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